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Private Boat Tours in Waikiki


This is not a “raft”

Renowned for their speed, stability, and versatility, RHIBs (Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boats) are great for adventuring. Similar to what the Coast Guard and Navy Seals use, our Zodiacs are 30 feet long and unstoppable. Not only can these boats really get around, they are the perfect platform for swimming, diving, exploring the coast, and getting up close for viewing wildlife.

Although we only carry small private groups along with a captain and crew, they can safely accommodate as many as 20 people. This allows for maximum fun without ever feeling crowded. With a boat capable of speeds over 45 knots and a range of 250 miles, where will your adventure take you?


Knowledge, skills, and jokes for days. We do this because we love it and we’re all stoked that we get to share it with you. Our captains and crew are focused on safety and on your experience, ensuring that your adventure with us will be something you remember for years. Got a question? Just ask! Years of experience have given us a wealth of local knowledge about the islands and the wildlife we find here.

Originally from a small town on the North Shore of Oahu, Captain Chris has spent most of his life either on or in the water. Growing up surfing, diving, and boating, he developed a passion for the ocean that has persisted throughout his life. After a decade traveling the world while serving as a naval officer, he returned home to Hawaii to continue working on the water. As Waikiki’s original speed boat tour, The Adventure Boat is the result of years of driving yachts and leading boat tours. We took all the best parts and got rid of the stuff nobody likes to deliver our guests the ultimate experience on the ocean.