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Whale Watching

Quick Details

Whales are wild animals and they operate on their own schedules. They usually arrive in the islands in December and stay until April, but we won’t really know until we see them. For reservation purposes, our whale watching season tentatively starts December 15 and will be updated and adjusted as the whales make their first appearances of the season.

Private charter Up to 6 people
Private charter 7 to 9 people
Private charter 10 to 12 people

Enjoy Whale Watching in Oahu, Hawaii

Want to see some whales? Come find them with us on a private charter. We can cover more ground in our whale watching adventures because we can go farther and faster than anyone else to make sure you get a good look at these graceful giants. From the east side to the west side, we can reach the entire southern coast of Oahu on this trip. Our superior speed, range, and experience ensures your best chance to spot these amazing creatures. Are you curious to learn about these amazing animals? Our knowledgeable guides can tell you all about them and answer whale questions for days!

This adventure is usually offered between December and April, when the magnificent humpback whales visit Hawaii.

Soft drinks and water provided. Feel free to bring any other food or drink.