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Adventure & Snorkel Tour

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Custom itineraries, inter-island trips, and other events are available. Email, call, or text for details or special requests.

Private charter 2.5 Hours
Private charter 4 Hours

Enjoy a Private Charter in Waikiki!

Join us on a private cruise you won’t soon forget. Based on Oahu’s south shore in Honolulu, we go faster and farther than anyone else in town, offering spectacular coastal sightseeing, incredible sea life (turtles, fish, dolphins, and whales — in season), and snorkeling. Soft drinks and water provided. Feel free to bring any other food or drinks.

Whether you are an expert or a first-timer, our private snorkel tour is the ultimate snorkeling experience. Unlike on crowded tour boats, you and your friends/family are the focus of this completely personalized private charter. Our experienced captain and crew know all the best spots for snorkeling and finding interesting sea life.

Sea turtles, coral, fish, eels, octopus, maybe even a shy (and harmless!) reef shark are just some of the things you might find. You are welcome to bring your own snorkeling gear, but we also provide everything you need. Our high quality snorkel gear is clean, well-maintained, and frequently replaced so you’re never stuck using leaky old junk.

Turtle Canyon is the most popular snorkel spot on the south shore but it is very crowded, so we have better destinations if you prefer to get away from everyone else. Our private charters are customized just for you, which gives us flexibility, and combined with the speed and range of our boat, makes for endless possibilities. If it’s crowded or murky at one spot, we can take you somewhere else.

  • Personalized experience tailored to your skill/comfort level

  • Avoid the crowds

  • Quality snorkeling gear

  • Options!

The adventure is up to you! When you book, please let us know what type of activities you’d like to do. If you’re interested in mulitple activities, consider a 4-hour tour for more time on the water.